If we would keep artificial tissue in vitro - how may we use this synthetic human flesh and what innovative functions would this provide?
Around 10 percent of births worldwide are premature; suspected factors are increasing fertility treatments, chronic stress and delayed motherhood. Recent advances in neonatal care preserves the lives of babies around 300 grams, which equates to a piece of butter. A design response with synthetic skin could even improve an extreme premature infants’ survival chance, but what ethical and emotional problems will we face through the progress of such technology? How do you measure potential medical benefits? And where do you draw the boundary of life?

Objects: Hand blown glass, RP Zp150, Rp Objet, silicone, perspex, degummed silk
Photography: 3 digital C-type prints, mounted on Aluminium 17.5 (W)x 21.5 cm (H)

Scientific advice/ Prof Dr Jan Brosens, Chair of Reproductive Sciences at Imperial College, London, Christopher Hirst, Synthetic Biology & Bioengineering Department/ Imperial College London
Support with the making from
Glassblowing / Layne Rowe & London Glassblowing
Photography / Veronica Ranner [Lighting by Diego Trujillo Pisanty / Assistant Julika Welge]
Actors / David Hepple & Catherine Adams
Location / StClements Dental Care, London
Production assistance / Ai Hasegawa, MarkMcKeague
Thanks for the support by Dunne & Raby and James Auger

Featured / IDA Conference "Design at the edges", Taipei, Taiwan
Exhibition / Curious Minds - New Approaches in Design, Dec 2011 - Mar 2012, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Featured / Core 77, July 2011
Talk / Fraunhofer Institut 'Attract Group' in Stuttgart, Germany
Published / Design Ex-Muros (book in progress), Laura van Uitert, Ed Annink, Hans Mayer Aichen
Exhibition/ Work in Progress 2011, Royal College of Art, London

 Synthetic Tissue Incubator   A view from above 
 Tissue Villi   Maximum tissue surface 
 Detail of the rearside   Vascular support for nourishing 
 Initial sketch   Potential tissue device 
 Initial sketch    Design for the tissue villi