FF — PHASE 4 (Fertilised Futures)

What would happen when classic human reproductions is out of order and the new methods of PHASE 4 seem compellingly close?

PHASE 4 is a design fiction scenario, based on the previous exploration of REPRO 2090 in which classic human reproduction appears as a romantic-whimsical tale from the past. The short film explores potentially emerging rituals and the troubling emotions that excessive artificial human reproduction could create in the not so distant future.
The exponential development of artificial human reproduction techniques in the last decades indicate an ever- decreasing of human fertility. The film provides a short glimpse of how it might feel when the turning point of applied fertility methods is reached, in a time when humans became completely infertile. When infertility has become reality and other ways of reproduction had to be introduced, like the external fertilisation process, FF (Fertile Futures).

1. The couple receives an optimised genetic kit of their own biological material via post.

2. In order to perceive the creation of their child as very special moment of their lives, they are following a ritual as bonding experience.

3. A skeuomorphic ritual of 'random' selection is performed, to mimic an empowerment and intimacy that this couple actually doesn't have. The genetic material is optimised - the ritual functions only as well being- placebo.

The film intends to provide a tangible experience of how a former deeply human event in our lives, transformed into a rationalised, somehow sobering procedure.

Scientific advisor: Prof Dr Jan J Brosens, Chair of Reproductive Medicine and Science, Imperial College, London.