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My paper "UISilk - Towards Interfacing the Body" was accepted for the 2nd Smart Material Interfaces Workshop to be held at this year's ICMI!

The SMI workshop is concerned with Mark Weiser's vision of Ubiquitous Computing in relation to Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs), Material User Interfaces (MUIs), organic interfaces and reality- based interaction possibilites. In my paper I examined the potential of transient electronics, ubiquious biosensing and design in the context of the biodegradable material silk. The SMI workshop is held for the second time this year and organised by University Twente (Netherlands), the Materiability Research network (CAAD, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich) and the MIT Mobile Experience Lab (Cambridge, Massachussetts, USA).

"The International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, ICMI 2013, will take place in Sydney, Australia, December 9-13, 2013. ICMI is the premier international forum for multidisciplinary research on multimodal human-human and human-computer interaction, interfaces, and system development. The conference focuses on theoretical and empirical foundations, component technologies, and combined multimodal processing techniques that define the field of multimodal interaction analysis, interface design, and system development." (cited from ICMI website)

JULY 2013

Scientific illustration v. the Quantified Self. By Veronica Ranner & Kevin Walker.
I will be presenting at the 4th International Illustration Symposium Science, Imagination & the Illustration of Knowledge, 7-8 Nov 2013, Oxford.

Find more about the topic presented on the RCA Information Experience Design blog.

The ‘Quantified Self’ is a growing movement of people who collect personal data about themselves, often in great quantity and detail, made easier by accelerating technological development. It is disrupting traditional sources of knowledge about the body – patient symptoms, scientists and medical experts using specialised tools. In this paper we explore what role illustration might hold if the communication process with the body now starts from within rather than by external dissection or by studying symptoms. What happens to illustration when quantitative body data visualisation turns into a new ‘keyhole-surgery’ of diagnosis?

This symposium is organised by Illustration Research, in collaboration with University of Oxford Museums and Collections Oxford, UK.

JUNE 2013

I'm a Notable Honoree with my project "Biophilia - Organ Crafting" at this year's CORE 77 Design Awards in the category Speculative Design:

By focussing on an artisinal approach to organ crafting rather than industrial manufacture, Biophilia provides a fresh and thought provoking perspective on discussions around lab grown and 3d printed organs."

MAY 2013

"The Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning has teamed up with, and a host of industry experts and Design-Thinking aficionados (...) During this workshop, interdisciplinary teams (designers, engineers, business minds, medics, scientists and social scientists) will work together, coached by experienced Design-Thinkers, to explore and create solutions to real healthcare challenges (...) Teams will work on problems identified by participating clinicians, and will use Design-Thinking methods to gain a deep understanding of the problem and develop innovative 'human-centred' solutions. The keynote presentation will be given by Sue Siddall, partner at IDEO." - from CfEL's website.

This one-day workshop will take place on the 4th of May at Cambridge Judge Business School. I will be facilitating a group of young business entrepreneurs, medical doctors and innovators to develop ideas around the topic "digital health".

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Please come and visit "MAGICAL MATERIALS - unleash your superpowers" - a group exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland! My work "Biophilia - Organ Crafting" will be exhibited from the 15th Sep 2012 - 14th Oct 2012.

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APRIL 2012

I will participate at the DESIGNING INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS CONFERENCE 2012 in Newcastle, as part of the workshop Slow Technology: Critical Reflection and Future Directions, hosted by Newcastle Universities' Cultural Lab.
My submitted paper examines the potential future of Slow Technology in the context of emerging bio-technologies - especially the rich possibilities this might hold in relation to user experience/ human- product - process- interaction.

17 JAN 2012

In July 2011 my Cambridge iGEM-team and I pitched with 200 other iGEM teams worldwide to be featured in a BBC documentary on synthetic biology. Our team was finally selected and the project Bactiridescence will be featured in the documentary "HORIZON: PLAYING GOD" on 17th January 2012 at 9.30 pm on BBC Horizon.

Watch our project BACTIRIDESCENCE being featured from minute 21 - 26!


Biophilia - Survival Tissue
will be featured in USBEK & RICA magazines' innovation section in their new, quarterly issue to be launched Jan/Feb 2012.

JULY 2011

Biophila was selected to be exhibited in Curious Minds - New Approaches to Design at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The show aims to show novel approaches towards design as discipline and invited a range of designers to exhibit their work. Biophilia will be exhibited with e.g. Stefan Sagmeister, STUDIO MAKKINK & BEY, Troika, Elio Caccavale, El Utimo Grito and many others.

16th Dec, 2011 - 30th Apr, 2012

JUNE 2011

Finally our graduate website SHOW 2011
went life yesterday!


Come and visit me in the Final Show at the Royal College of Art from 24th June - 3rd July 2011! I'm exhibiting the project BIOPHILIA!

APRIL 2011

I'm shortlisted for BIO:FICTION - Synthetic Biology Science, Art and Film Festival, which takes place at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, Austria from 13-14th of May 2011!
"The Bio:Fiction festival provides information and dialogue about synthetic biology in an attractive, factual and entertaining way."


Good news: I received a distinction for my dissertation "Dissecting Ideologies in Design"!


Come and visit the Design Interactions Work in Progress Show at the Royal College of Art, Upper Gulbenkian Gallery! Private View on the 1st February. Open to public from the 2nd - 7th of February.

I am exhibiting the 'B I O P H I L I A' project.


Happy 2011 everyone! My research into Tissue Engineering, Heart Surgery and Synthetic Biology took me so far to fascinating places like the Fraunhofer IGB in Stuttgart (Germany), and let me have exciting and inspiring meetings with dedicated specialists. Whilst researching the facts I'm currently experimenting with æsthetics & colours. See a little glimpse below!


I worked on a short film in the realms of Human Reproductive Science. It is a continuation of the former project REPRO 2090.
[ FF — Phase 4 ] is a visual exploration of a future where the outsourced fertilisation process became reality. The procedure takes place in people's homes and gives a slightly voyeuristic insight to a process that became quite sober.


I handed my dissertation in! Yay!
Title "Dissecting Ideologies in Design"


A while ago I set up a blog on Tumblr to visualise my thoughts and research on aesthetics and materiality. I find it really useful to present the material I collect all the time in a different way. Have a look here: Veronica on Tumblr


I had a great and busy summer writing my dissertation as well as traveling four weeks through Japan where I took research visits to Tokyo University and the Critical Design Lab at Kyoto University. Besides that I worked for the singaporean artist Ka Fai Choy on his 'RELICS OF A FUTURE / Micro Monuments' for the project LANG FANG CHRONICLES.

APRIL 2010

The British Council gave us the great opportunity to visit the UK Pavillion before the grand opening at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai!