2013 / (In)Visible Design | Towards a Design Fiction
Milan Design Week
9th April - 14th April, 2013
Location: Ventura Lambrate
Curators: Stefano Maffei & Susanna Legrenzi (Powered by Logotel)

Participants included:

Berg London, Alicia Framis, Imme van der Haak, Jinhyun Jeon, Matt Richardson, Superflux, Cora Bellotto and Laura Malinverni, Fernanda Bertini Viegas and Martin Wattenberg, Marc Bretillot e David Edwards, Eyal Burstein, Oscar Diaz e Yuri Suzuki, Pierre Favresse, Amanda Ghassae, Ai Hasegawa, Anna Haupt e Terese Alsti, Jannis Huelsen, Gabriele Meldaikyte, Pieterjan Pieters, Thomas Thwaites, Veronica Ranner, Varathit Uthaisri, Alissa Van Asseldonk, Dane Whitehurst.

(In)Visible Design was shortlisted as innovative exhibition concept for the Milano Design Award 2013.

2013 / L'empathie ou l'experience de l'autre (Empathy or the experience of others)
Design Biennale Internationale, Cité du Design, Saint Etienne
14th March - 2nd June, 2013
Location: Saint Etienne, France
Curator: Claire Fayolle

2012 / 3rd International Art and Science Exhibition and Symposium
Information, Ecology, and Wisdom
China Science and Technology Museum, Beijing
Duration: 1st Nov - 30th Nov 2012
Location: China Science & Technology Museum
Curators: Tsinghua University, China Science & Technology Museum

Biophilia - Organ Crafting and Biophilia - Survival Tissue were selected for the 3rd Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium at the China Science & Technology Museum.

The event was founded by the famous Nobel Prize winning physicist Professor Li Zhengdao, and the late master of art Professor Wu Guanzhong. The event hosts cutting-edge explorations in both art and science, as well as related academic discussions. The purpose of the event is to broaden and deepen art and science research and to promote art and science innovation and harmonious development between art and science. It has been held twice, in 2001 and 2006, with great success.

2012 / Next Nature - Nano Supermarket Exhibition
Next Nature, Amsterdam
Duration: from 20th October 2012 Biophilia - Organ Crafting will be travelling for two years through Europe
Location: Stops include Amsterdam, Dutch Design Week, Shaking Science, Leiden and many more
Curator: Koert van Mensvoort, Next Nature Network

2012 / Krakow Theatrical Reminiscences

Location: Museum of Urban Engineering, Krakow, Poland
Duration: 5th - 11th October 2012
Curator: Anna Lewanowicz

5 Questions (The Departure To An Utopian Synthetic Biology Future) was screened at KRT in the context of their bioart event. Other artists included Stelarc, Monica Bakke, Agata Dutkowska, John O'Shea, Jay Scheib, Sineglossa and many others.

Krakow Theatrical Reminiscences have been taking place since 1975. In 2003, the festival’s formula was altered, making it one of the most valued theatre festivals both in Poland and abroad. The continuous approval of our audience is very much a result of conscious and courageous artistic decisions that have been made as well as of attentive observation of what is most interesting, innovative and intriguing in theater in Poland and in the world.

2012 / MAGICAL MATERIALS - Unleash your Super Powers
Science Gallery, Dublin
Location: The Science Gallery, The Naughton Institute, Pearse Street, Trinity College, Dublin 2
Duration: 14th Sep 2012 - 4th Nov 2012

MAGICAL MATERIALS is an exhibition that explores the properties of some of the world’s most mysterious materials, giving you an opportunity to investigate and experiment at the cutting edge of material science.

2011 / Curious Minds - New Approaches in Design
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Location: Nathan Cummings Building for Modern and Contemporary Art
Duration: Dec 16, 2011- Apr 30, 2012
Curator: Alex Ward

Biophilia - Organ Crafting
and Biophilia - Survival Tissue were exhibited in Curious Minds - New Approaches in Design, a group exhibition curated by Alex Ward at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

"The exhibition presents about 30 international designers from Europe, Asia, and the US whose works map out new territories and encourage a new discourse about the role of design in shaping the world of tomorrow. Some of these designers also address – under the umbrella of Critical Design – social, political, and environmental concerns, bringing together new partnerships between designers and researchers of other fields such as science or biology."

Participants in the exhibition:
rAndom International, Troika, Studio DRIFT, Simon Heidjens, Aram Bartholl, Elio Caccavale, Sascha Pohflepp & Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Veronica Ranner, Kevin Grennan, Hwang Kim, Ka Fai Choy, Studio Fons,Hickman m23, Studio Mrmann (Geoffrey Mann), Studio Glithero, Studio Unfold, Marie Blaise, Studio Makkink & Bey, Studio El Ultimo Grito, Freddie Yauner, Julian Bond, Raw Edges Design Studio, Alon Meron, David Bowen, Julius Popp, Studio Karlssonwilker Inc; New York, Studio Stefan Sagmeister, Noam Toran.

2011 / Cambridge Science Xchange
Cambridge Science Festival
Location: Cambridge Guildhall
Duration: Oct 27th 2012

The iGEM project Bactiridescence was exhibited to demonstrate how structural colour works in squid's tissue.

2011 / Final Show Royal College of Art
Royal College of Art, London
Location: Upper Gulbenkian Gallery
Duration: Jun 24th - Jul 3rd, 2011

2011 / BIO: FICTION Synthetic Biology Science and Art Film Festival
Natural History Museum, Vienna
Location: Ernst Haeckel Saal
Duration: May 13th - May 15th, 2011

The shortfilm "5 questions" was also shortlisted/ runner up for the online audience award.

2010 / Work in Progress Show Royal College of Art
Royal College of Art, London
Location: Henry Moore Gallery